Los Angeles TV news critic Ron Fineman recent…

Los Angeles TV news critic Ron Fineman recently asked his readers to vote on the best L.A. TV sports anchor. KNBC’s Fred Roggin was the winner, outdistancing KABC’s Rob Fukazaki in the final voting.

Ron: "Roggin began as weekend anchor in 1980, and became the main guy in ‘86. He’s won a truckload of awards, but I believe none as prestigious as this one."

Fineman notes Roggin recently re-ran some footage on KNBC of his coverage of the 1988 LAL-DET Finals.

Roggin showed "some of his work from Beverly Hills, Michigan in 1988, when the Lakers beat the Pistons. In the piece, Roggin asked people where Rodeo Drive is. He also found a guy named Eddie Murphy."

NBC also just named Roggin as host of CNBC’s Athens Olympics coverage.

And most importantly, Roggin is a SbB supporter.