Los Angeles Times Sports Section Ignores Own Newspapers Followup With Transsexual Sportswriter Christine Daniels

LAT TRANSSEXUAL FOLLOWUP BANISHED TO BIZ SECTION?! LOS ANGELES TIMES reporter James Rainey conducted a Thursday interview with transsexual sportswriter Mike Penner, who now is known as “Christine Daniels”.

Los Angeles Times Mike Penner

The paper’s website noted the interview (which according to LAT website sources is BY FAR (!) the most-viewed LAT piece this calendar year) on the front page, but for some *strange* reason, the Q & A was completely ignored by the website’s sports section - instead bizarrely banished to the fourth lead in the business section.

Los Angeles Times Mike Penner

Rainey describes Daniels now as “a tall woman, with long, strawberry blond hair (a wig), light makeup, muted lipstick and a trio of bracelets on one wrist.”

Rainey also reports of Daniels: “She will be writing a blog about Southern California sports. Latimes.com also plans to give Daniels space to write about the experience of a gender transformation, under the tentative heading, ‘Woman in Progress.’

Since Daniels long ago stopped covering sports events as a working media member and writes her Morning Briefing column from her home, she began dressing as a woman full-time beginning in January - and has apparently been going out in public as a woman for the past couple years.

With that in mind, it’s amazing to note that, according to multiple SbB sources, Daniels only recently began divorce proceedings with her former wife Lisa Dillman, who is also a Times reporter.

Los Angeles Times

Daniels also would not reveal to Times reporter Rainey what her sexual orientation was and/or if she is undergoing gender reassignment surgery - claiming that “it was ‘too early’ and ‘fairly private’ for her to say publicly what she might do.