Los Angeles Doesnt Care About The Beckhams

DEAR AEG & NBC, WE’RE NOT BUYING WOT YOU’RE SELLING: After our own personal Friday afternoon of nothingness (see Beckham L.A. unveiling), NBC topped it’s nonsensical call of giving Victoria Beckham one hour of prime time on the network tonight (they tell us it’s a reality show), by having her appear Friday on Leno (without David - nice move Zuck!).

Bunion Surgery Victoria Beckham

Our favorite moment of VB’s appearance on Leno came when blissfully ignorant Jay (who will be replaced by Jon Stewart, not Conan) asked the South American talking bird-schnozzed gold digger if she was put off by the (exaggerated) number of fans who greeted the couple at LAX the night before. Leno: “Doesn’t that drive you nuts?”

Psst., Jay, while you were tooling around Studio City looking for parts for your ‘47 Edsel, AEG was sending out a press release to everyone listed (above and below-ground) in the 310/818/213/323/909 White Pages detailing the arrival time and bag claim carousel of the Beckhams.

David Beckham

Longtime Hollywood bulldog beat reporter Nikki Finke of DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD on Premiere Radio Sunday night sums up the genuine reax of Los Angeles: “No one in Los Angeles or Hollywood cares about the Beckhams. No one knows really who they are besides TomKat (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes).

And from our own personal perspective, we had the choice to attend the Beckham debut against Chelsea this Sunday, or complete a 3-day shoot with a lovely, first-time SbB Girl. Take a wild f—ing guess what we picked.