Lopez Twins Leaving Stanford For The Big League

Brook & Robin Lopez, the twin towers of power of the Stanford basketball squad, seem to have had enough of life on The Farm, as the brothers have decided to go pro.

Brook Robin Lopez Stanford

The twins’ mother, Deborah Ledford, told the ASSOCIATED PRESS that her sons will forgo their final two years of collegiate eligibility and enter the NBA Draft. The pair - or at least their mom - is already on the lookout for agents. But how will they do in pro ball?

The Lopez twins have been together all their lives - from their carefree high school days in Fresno, to their magical moments at Maples Pavilion. What if the brothers end up selected by different teams? They could be *gasp* separated - AND DIE!!!!

And what of poor Michelle Wie? Will she be losing her collegiate love? And more importantly, does this mean she’s available again?

Michelle Wie

But all is not lost, Stanford b-ball fans. You still have the ladies to cheer on, who just clinched a trip to the Final Four by beating Maryland Monday night. So you have that going for you, which is nice (we suppose).

We personally can’t cheer on the Cardinal, as they were the ones responsible for knocking UTEP out of the tourney - thus ending any more March Madness updates on Claudia Porras.

Claudia Porras Photos

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