Looking Good, Jose Mijares, Looking Damn Good

PROTIP: If you’re trying to determine whether a lady is actually, y’know, a lady (and let’s face it, we’ve all been there), you may not be looking for the right signs. Ladies can have manhands, Adam’s apples, or even hairy chests.* The key is to look at the structure the hips and legs; men’s legs are straight up and down, while women are genetically predisposed to have wider hips and femurs at a significantly different angle. It’s the one physical feature that’s purely impossible to hide.

Jose Mijares
(Oh, yeahhh.)

Of course, you can also quite easily tell if the person in question is in a men’s locker room while he and his his teammates laugh uncontrollably while he puts on women’s clothing and dances. Oh, and the censors don’t even blur out the man-nipples. Dead giveaway, there. That’s Jose Mijares, above, celebrating a victory with fellow Twins by donning, ahem, a most alternate uniform.

Video is below. You want to watch it. Yes, you do. 

(Courtesy of MYFOX9.COM)

Mijares, by the way, has proven to be a high-level reliever in this, his first full season in the major leagues. He’s got a 2.60 ERA, third best on the team; more importantly, he makes the lingerie just work.

*Actually, I really doubt that last part, but the thought of what I might find if I google it frightens me.