Looking For Major Hotties in The Minor Leagues

MINOR LEAGUE NEWS recently scoured the minors, looking for the next big thing. A baseball prospect will a mighty swing? A hoopster with great court skills?

Minor league arena football dance team

No - a hometown honey who can shake their money makers to major delight.

MLN hopped on the bus and traveled to many Civic Centers, Veterans Parks and Memorial Arenas. At the end of their tour, they called up their selections of the hottest cheerleaders root, root, rooting for the home team.

San Diego Wildcats dance team

Just like the Beach Boys, MLN wishes they could all be California girls, as the San Diego Wildfires of the ABA was their choice for having the hottest overall dance team.

But other basketball babes bounced their way into MLN’s top 20 - six alone from the Idaho Stampede of the NBA Development league.

Idaho Stampede cheerleaders headshots

Like their on-court, on-field and on-ice counterparts, these ladies are hoping for their big break to the big leagues. And someday, they, too, can reach the pinnacle of their profession:

Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders lingerie calendar

Lingerie calendars.