Longhorns Encouraged Not To Miss Postgame No

Headline from University of Texas student newspaper the DAILY TEXAN the day before the OU-Texas game in Dallas on Saturday:

Daily Texas Headline Predicts Sexual Assaults During OU-Texas Weekend

Student reporter Aziza Musa notes in the predictive piece that with the rise in sexual assault reports following the OU-Texas football game involving Texas students “the past nine years, the UT Counseling and Mental Health Center staff are again bracing for a jump in reports from this weekend.

Why the spike?

The presence of alcohol and the vulnerability of being away from home may contribute to the increase in reports, said Jane Bost, associate director of the Counseling and Mental Health Center.

“There is just sort of an extra sense of intensity about this particular game,” Bost said. “Part of it is that so many people are going out of town and away from the more familiar support base.

Sounds like Spring Break? Yup.

The spike after the Red River Rivalry weekend does not seem to happen after any other types of events except for spring break, said Lynn Hoare, coordinator for the center’s Theatre for Dialogue program.

Though no sexual assaults were reported, the DALLAS MORNING NEWS noted Saturday morning that nearly 50 arrests were made Friday night at a street party in Dallas involving OU and Texas fans.

Dallas Arrests Night Before OU-Texas game

All but one of the 48 arrests that police made in Dallas’ West End and Greenville Avenue areas were for public intoxication. The other was for marijuana possession.

I’ve never smoked weed, but I have a feeling that if you reversed those numbers, the arrest rate wouldn’t be so nearly prolific.