Longest Pro Football HOF Speech? Chris Berman

Your Pro Football Hall of Fame speech lengths last weekend in Canton:

Chris Berman with big boobed woman photo

(Speechless - for once)

Emmitt Smith: 21 minutes
Jerry Rice: 16 minutes
Dick Lebeau: 18 minutes
Russ Grimm: 9 minutes
Floyd Little: 9 minutes
Rickey Jackson: 8 minutes
John Randle: 4 minutes
Chris Berman:

Chris Berman 28 minute Pro Football Hall of Fame Speech

28 minutes.

To be fair, let’s take a look at the length of the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction speeches of Brent Musburger and Howard Cosell.


Howard Cosell not in Pro Football Hall of Fame but Chris Berman is


Musburger not in NFL Hall of Fame but Berman is Tweet

You can also add Al Michaels to that list.

In his defense, at least Berman hasn’t dragged the NFL into embarrassing view while he was hosting a nationally-televised league broadcast.

On second thought, if ESPN hadn’t renewed Berman’s contract this year, would he have been inducted?