Long-suffering Cheerleaders Finally Get Trophies

Florida held the state’s first-ever sanctioned high school championship for cheerleading this weekend, a historic moment because cheerleading was defined as a “sport” for this event. That has prompted an internal SbB review of the burning question: is cheerleading a sport?

East Kentucky Miners cheerleaders mascot

Hmm, the image is inconclusive. Let’s check out pieces from the recap of the event from the SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL to see if that offers any guidance.

“Uncertainty and curiosity surrounded the inaugural event, but by the end of the first day of the high school Competition Cheerleading State Championships, the topic quickly turned to which squads won over the crowd and captured the admiration of the judges.”

Whoops, there were judges. That’s one strike against cheerleading (and figure skating, gymnastics and other athletic endeavors that are not sports).

“Most squads began with a combination of stunting and dancing to a portion of their allotted music time, then moved into the cheer and signs section and finished, again, with dancing.”

Sounds like the basic schedule at any respectable gentleman’s club. I’m intrigued, but I’m afraid I can award no sports points.

“The Warriors featured a very clean routine, with each of their 15 members performing as almost one person. Jupiter utilized strong arm motions, symmetrical formations and stunting (pyramid-building) sequences with ease. ‘It’s an amazing feeling,’ Jupiter junior Philip Wilbanks said. ‘To finish second out of 22 teams is awesome.’”

And there’s the clincher. Finishing second in a sport is never “awesome.” Sorry, Philip. You’re a cheerleader, not a sports participant. Enjoy the trophy, but keep it hidden somewhere the basketball team can’t see it.

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