Long Jumper Jabbed In Kidneys By Javelin

FRENCH JUMPER JOLTED BY JAVELIN JAB TO THE KIDNEYS: A long jumper was recently skewered by a javelin during an athletic meet in Rome:

javelin video

(video link above)

Salim Sdiri of France was speared by a wayward throw from Finland’s Tero Pitkamaki during the Golden League games. The javelin penetrated 4 inches (over 10 cm) into Sdiri’s side, tearing the top of his kidney and puncturing his liver.

Javelin throw victim

However, Sdiri says the kidney seems to be healing itself and surgery won’t likely be needed. But he’s been advised not to travel, so he must remain in Rome for the time being.

Shish Kabob

We have a feeling Sdiri won’t be ordering out for shish kabobs anytime soon.