LOLNats Continue To Fail In Creative New Ways

Washington National fans hoping to watch Wednesday’s dramatic ninth inning comeback must have been a little surprised when they saw only C-SPAN 2. But no worries, the cable provider figured out the problem and got the game back on the air by the 12th inning, just in time for the Nationals to lose.


It’s a historically, hysterically bad season in the making for Washington. This is no garden-variety bad. This is grade A quality, premium bad. So it’s not even a huge surprise when things like this keep happening. And did we mention that the stadium clock can’t keep the correct time?

They should probably just introduce Keyboard Cat as their mascot.

A two-hour rain delay may have chased fans at the ballpark away (by the end of the game, there were less than 100 people left), but that doesn’t mean fans at home weren’t eagerly awaiting the ninth inning to see if the Nationals could rally from two runs behind.

So when the game resumed and they tuned into MASN2, they can’t have been thrilled to see Sen. Tom Coburn speaking about “proposals to create a public option for health care coverage, financing health care reform, and potential rationing of care.” MASN had a replay of the night’s Orioles game. It’s debatable which one was more painful to watch.

MASN2 picked up the game again before the end, so Washington fans who had stayed up could watch Cincinnati win. “Not scoring at 12:45 a.m.; you and I are one, Washington Nationals,” wrote one Twitter wag.

But at least the fans who stuck it at the game may not have realized how late it was. The large analog clock in center field has had issues keeping the correct time. One fan says they’ve seen it 10 minutes off. Another says an hour. And in this picture, it’s an entire four hours behind.

Nationals Clock

As one commenter points out, it’s accurate if the person setting it was looking at it from behind. Which I totally wouldn’t put past the Nationals’ staff.