LOL! Florida Cheerleader Sends 35K Txts A Month

These are the people who drive up the price of unlimited texting plans. According to the ORLANDO SENTINEL, one Florida high school cheerleader sent more than 35,000 texts in a single month twice in the past year.

Cheerleaders texting

(OMG! Can you believe Emilee?)

For those of you who are more mathematically inclined, you’ll realize that breaks down to approximately 74 messages per hour, more than one coming or going each minute (once sleep is factored in … assuming she does sleep). And the most amazing thing about young Emilee Cox’s texting? No one seems to mind.

“I think there are much worse habits for her to have,” said Emilee’s father, Brad Cox. “It keeps her from being bored, and it keeps her out of trouble.”

A Sprint spokeswoman confirmed Cox’s texting rate, but the company refused to divulge when she was sending texts, which raises a number of important questions. Primary among them, at least in our minds: How can she have time to cheer at games and hit practices if she’s sending so many texts?

Also, if Cox is texting around the clock, doesn’t that mean that she has to be sending some texts while in class? Wouldn’t that be a violation of some kind of anti-cheating code? Maybe she’s not texting an answer service, but she sure could be.

pink cell phone
(Cox’s weapon of choice.)

Cox told the Sentinel that part of the reason behind her obscenely high texting rate was because of a cheer camp this summer, where she was simultaneously texting with her cheer “teammates” and friends from back home at the same time.

Still, the most impressive part of the feat is her speed. These are not short text messages. In fact, for a sample, check out the length of the message she sent to the Orlando Sentinel, below.

“Heyy, Uhm i’m not sure really. In june i had cheer camp so like alot of my friends had texted me. And when i wasn’t at camp i’d text my friends and girls on my team. i don’t like talking on the phone so i’d prefer texting people. … Well it’s different things with different people,” she wrote. “Like with my cheer friends we talk about cheerleading. Then with friends from school and stuff we’d talk about how our summers were and what we expected high school to be like. And my boyfriend and i talk about random things. He’s the main reason my texting is so high becuz we’re constantly texting. Lol”

Yes, that really is what she wrote. You can’t make that stuff up. Still, she wore out her phone faster than a three-tiered high school pyramid can fall trying to lift a pillar in front. Her father bought her a new phone, without a keypad, and she’s still sending more than 14,000 texts per month.

Clearly, Cox has serious hand eye coordination. What we want to figure out is how she can put it to better use. Maybe she can stoke up a softball career? Or what about tennis? That might work. Either one would be a lot more productive than continuing as a mad-texting cheerleader. Besides, if she doesn’t diversify soon, she may really make a run at the current record holder for most text messages in a month, a man in India who reportedly sent 182,689.