Lois Feldman Pic Surfaces After Metrodome Sex?

Update: SECOND apparent photo of Feldman has appeared. And she now says she was drugged before her anonymous sex episode.

The website HAWKEYE LOUNGE posted this photo two days ago, which a poster claimed is Lois Feldman:

Lois Feldman Photo Sex Metrodome Bathroom Stall With Ross Walsh Photo

We can’t verify the veracity of the photo, but if it is indeed her, she’s surprisingly attractive. In a Sarah Palin sort of way. Case you don’t know by know, Ms. Feldman is the married woman who apparently had sex in a Metrodome bathroom with someone she “didn’t know” during the recent Iowa-Minnesota football game.

So what about the accused cuckolder? Ross Walsh? I know, you’re really excited to see photos of him (ok, maybe not).

In Walsh’s infinite wisdom, he made his Myspace page public.

Ross Walsh Sex In Metrodome Bathroom Stall Lois Feldman

BUSTED COVERAGE posted some of the pics from the Myspace page today. Sample:

Ross Walsh Sex In Metrodome Bathroom Stall Lois Feldman

I’d now like to personally introduce the couple at this time. With their initial encounter being an anonymous, drunken sex escapade, I’m guessing they still have no idea what each other looked likes - until now. Congratulations!

So, what’s now is worse for Feldman, the story itself or the photos of her apparent sex partner surfacing? The one(?) thing I did find amusing is Feldman’s lament that the incident had ruined her life. If that’s the case, then why is she extending coverage of the story by doing interviews about it?