Lobos Football Only Hiring Good-Looking Ladies?

• An ex-University of New Mexico employee sues the football department, claiming that the Lobos are only looking to employ lovely young ladies.

New Mexico is sexy bikini

(“Hey, that bikini is in our school colors! You’re hired!”)

• South Africa can’t seem to give World Cup tickets away, but they’re going to try anyway.

• Washington Nationals broadcasters take some on-air time lambasting Scott Boras and his high-priced client, Stephen Strasburg.

• Speaking of D.C., Redskins backup QB Colt Brennan denies hooking up with Jessica Simpson. Hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes, Colt.

Brendan Haywood doesn’t think much of Stephon Marbury’s latest online entertainment, but does think he might be gay.

Fran Tarkenton is “tickled to death” with Michael Vick signing with the Eagles. Surprisingly, PETA isn’t so tickled.

• But Mike did pen a heartfelt blog apologizing for his horrible past actions - or did he?

• Chicago Bulls rookie James Johnson knows how to kick out the jams.

• A first-hand account of the AVP Tour bringing the Bud Light Girls to the Bay Area. Nice, but we still miss the Cuervo Girls.

Tom Cable shows Raider Nation just how tough he is - by allegedly sucker-punching one of his assistant coaches during practice.

And the winner of today’s Jelena Jankovic caption contest is…

Jelena Jankovic

Carter, with “Return of cervix, uh, service rather.”

Thanks to everyone for playing! Jelena appreciates your patronage.