Liverpool Suffers Shocking Loss, or So I’m Told

I’m not what you would call a soccer expert. I only figured out the offside rule in 2004. But apparently Liverpool losing to some team called Barnsley in the FA Cup is a pretty big deal.

Beatles Liverpool

Some are calling this is the biggest upset in European soccer history. Others are saying, “Barnsley sounds like the name of a butler. Stop talking to me about soccer.” So to get the straight dope, I turned to a soccer expert.

Ives Galarcep is a noted soccer writer, who appears on and has his own soccer blog, so I figured he’d be the best person to talk to about this. So, just how big a deal is this Liverpool loss to Barnsley?

“Think Michigan-Appalachian State, only Appalachian State is about the 14th-best I-AA team rather than the best I-AA team in the nation. And Appalachian State scores a TD with 5 seconds left.”

Well when he puts it like that, it really doesn’t make soccer any more interesting for me, but it certainly puts it in perspective.

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