Your Dream Now A Reality: Pee In Peyton’s Place

It’s a common fantasy for all sports fans: For one day, to be able to head over to your local fitness center, walk into the men’s room, and take a brisk pee in the exact same urinal as your favorite sports hero. Well, for Colts fans living in the Indianapolis area, that dream has become a reality! Xanadu!

Colts urinal

(”Pee Like a Champion Today!”)

The above urinal used to be in use, so to speak, inside the Colts locker room at the RCA Dome. But with that eyesore mere days away from demolition, they had to find a place for this valuable piece of memorabilia. As a result, the average Joe Schmo can urinate in the exact same place where MVP Peyton Manning (probably) has as well!

The porcelain pee possessor has been transplanted to Anytime Fitness (West 86th Street & Ditch Road), a 24-hour fitness center that “won” the rights by paying a cool $500 bucks in an auction. Totally worth it!

But to make it all the weirder, the INDY STAR has Peyton’s football resume during the years when he was soiling those urinal cakes:

Manning used the locker through eight Pro Bowl seasons, two NFL Most Valuable Player years and his Super Bowl MVP season of 2006.

So Colts fans, while living out your pee dream, feel free to reminisce about your favorite Peyton memory during the past few years. Was it his 49-touchdown season back in 2004? Or maybe the great performance in the 2006 Super Bowl? Or last year’s gig hosting Saturday Night Live?

Whatever your favorite, be careful not to think too long about it: It’s kind of tough to pee with a boner.

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