Lisa Guerrero’s Undercover Peeping Investigation

For those wondering what Lisa Guerrero is doing these days, you’ll be pleased to know that she is now … an undercover detective! Well, that is, in a Barney Fife sort of way. It’s not a PLAYBOY cover or a sideline gig on Monday Night Football, but it pays the bills.

Lisa Guerrero

Guerrero recently went tabloid news magazine stealth for Inside Edition in a story that proves, for whatever reason, that’s it’s still just as easy as it ever was to peep on attractive female sports reporters. Guerrero was embedded at the Marriott Vanderbilt in Nashville — where Erin Andrews was secretly filmed naked in her room last year — with the results aired on Monday in an Inside Edition “special report.”

It’s all kind of sad, actually. Wasn’t Lisa once on an episode of “Seinfeld?”

The syndicated TV show “Inside Edition” planted former “Monday Night Football” hottie Lisa Guerrero in two Nashville hotels and sent another reporter in to find her — which he did just by simply asking at check-in.

In a show that aired last night, correspondent Jim Moret located Guerrero at the Marriott Vanderbilt … and then at the Music City Sheraton.

A Sheraton clerk asked Moret if he knew Guerrero and made a veiled reference to Andrews: “Because, you know, after everything that went on.”

The piece goes on to detail how the clerk then gave up the location of Guerrero’s room to Moret, who then, presumably, could commence with his peeping activities.

It all kind of reminds me of that “Andy Griffith Show” episode where Barney poses as a jewel thief.

Here’s more from the INSIDE EDITION site. Next week: Guerrero goes undercover to find out what Little Debbie is really using for filling in those snack cakes.