Lisa Guerrero: From MNF Firing Line to LA Times

With a new season of Monday Night Football underway, we wonder what happened to one of the former stars of the primetime sideline - Lisa Guerrero. Last we heard, she was starring in a (presumably straight-to-video) film co-produced by her hubby, ex-baseballer Scott Erickson.

Lisa Guerrero

Well, fans, you’ll be relieved(?) to know that the still-inspiring actress hasn’t fully abandoned the sports landscape, as she’s achieved a new athletic-related gig - as a blogger for the L.A. TIMES.

Inspired by one part T.J. Simers & one part Barack Obama (no, really), the former sideline strutter and Playboy pin-up has decided to lend her talents to the blogosphere. And in the first entry in her new column, modestly entitled THE FABULOUS FORUM, Lisa talks about her presumably favorite subject - herself.

Here’s a small sampling of Lisa’s literary skills:

When I told a friend that I’d be writing for the L.A. Times, she told her husband. His response was, “Really? Did she get fat?”

Now I know from experience that the camera adds 15 pounds, but I had no idea that picking up a pen and pad would give me a big butt. (*Editor’s note: I like big butts, and I cannot lie.) However, one glance at the sportswriters in the Dodgers press box would confirm that theory.

When you’re hidden behind a laptop instead of preening in front of a camera, there’s a natural tendency to inhale a few more Dodger Dogs and let those pounds add up.


Guerrero promises that future columns will be “fueled by a strong cup of joe - but most strong opinions.” So, all you fat sportswriters better watch out - Lisa’s coming after you, and she’s not pulling any punches!