Lions WR Roy WIlliams Promises To Start Tipping The Pizza Delivery Boy

WILLIAMS DELIVERS PLEDGE TO START TIPPING PIZZA PALS: After being berated for not tipping the pizza delivery boy, Roy Williams is trying to reform his miserly ways:

Roy WIlliams Pizza car

The DETROIT FREE PRESS catches up with the Lions’ WR and how we plans to be a more giving person.

Williams was back in the WDFN radio studios on Monday, trying to recover from the short-changing comments he made there last week.

A recent road encounter with a member of the Pizza Hut fleet helped changed his charitable choices: “I roll my window down, and I say, ‘Pizza dude, how much am I supposed to tip you?’ He said ‘Three, four, maybe five dollars.’ And I said, ‘Thank you.’ So now I see it’s three, four, maybe five dollars and I’m going to start tipping the pizza man.”

Roy Williams 1040 form

One fan had told Williams that if he’s not going to tip, he shouldn’t be cashing any paychecks in the off-season when he’s not playing. When taxed for a reponse, Williams said, “I tip $55,000 every week to the United States of America.”

The radio re-visit also had Williams dish about his favorite movie (The Lion King), favorite cartoon (Rugrats), and his on-field chats with Bears LB Brian Urlacher last weekend.

Brian Urlacher boob grab

As thrilled as he was for the Lions’ 37-27 victory, Williams was most amused by Urlacher’s failed attempt at an interception. “He was talking about, ‘It was tipped, it was tipped.’ I was thinking to myself, he sounds like a wide receiver – he has an excuse for everything.”