Lingerie Football League Opener Is Quite Revealing

At least on the surface of things, Friday’s Lingerie Football League season opener wasn’t a rousing success. They were only able to fill about a quarter of the Sears Centre, according to one eyewitness, for the game between the Miami Caliente and the home Chicago Bliss. This despite the fact that there were several wardrobe malfunctions such as this. Heavens!

People didn’t even show up for all of the gratuitous Mike Ditka. When you can’t get Chicagoans to go out to see Ditka and scantily clad hot football chicks, your league may have a problem. One winner, however, was the CHICAGO TRIBUNE, which for some reason sent a photographer to the game and produced an elaborate photo gallery on their web site. Hey, Sam Zell needs the page views.

But you watched the game on your computer or your phone, right? We don’t yet know how the game did with the live streaming audience, which will be a big factor in determining of there’s a LFL in 2010.

IN GAME NOW was on the scene for the opener and had this to say about attendance:

The LFL claimed the game would be near sold out. Apparently selling 20% of the available seats is “near sold out.” There were probably 2000 people at the game. Part of the reason was the game was held 30 miles outside of Chicago. I am baffled at how stupid the LFL marketing is. Why they didn’t offer busing from a few different bars in the city, I will never know. Who wants to drive 30 miles on one of the biggest DUI busting weekends of the year. It would have been so easy to get 500 rowdy twenty somethings in the crowd, adding energy to the arena.

Mike Ditka

(Mike Ditka, LFL sugar daddy)

Here’s the TRIBUNE photo gallery, which reveals more about the state of mainstream media than it does about the LFL. It’s a 20-week season, folks, so be prepared for plenty of LFL photos in your local paper. Someone get Buzz Bissinger in here so he can again explain the difference between “legitimate” media and blogs.