Lindsay Soto’s NHL Coverage Comes w/Cleavage

Lindsay Soto sure knows how to keep abreast of NHL playoff action.

Lindsay Soto

• Perhaps looking for a little more face time, the Atlanta Hawks’ bird-brained mascot makes a temporary home on top of TNT’s backboard camera.

• Ex-Jag Jimmy Smith gives new meaning to “possession receiver“.

• MMA women menstruating does not make for a bloody good fight.

• That’s bra-wful: Brandi Chastain’s famous World Cup cups holder is caught up in bankruptcy court.

• How dare the student media find fault with their school’s football team! Right, TCU? Right, UW-Whitewater?

• Cavs pay homage to those Heineken ads; it’s gotta be the shoes!

Joe Paterno’s son is all a-Twitter over suggestion that coaches need guns: “We may use them on that fan in row 23 who thinks he knows it all.”

• Billionaire Richard Branson knows kitesurfing just isn’t kitesurfing without some nude model clinging to your back.

• Police profile 70-year-old youth baseball coach as the “classic pedophile“.