Lindsay Soto’s Cleavage Gets National Exposure

We’ve had our fun with Lindsay Soto (or more accurately, made dirty jokes about having our fun with Lindsay Soto). But the woman is nothing if not a professional. The Versus between-the-boards reporter managed to successfully interview a Ducks player, while simultaneously doing everything she could to make she we couldn’t see down her dress. She failed at that second part.

Lindsay Soto

It was the perfect storm of cleavage. She had to lean over the divider, and that combined with the high angle shot and the low cut shirt meant that Rob Niedermayer showed up unwittingly in a lot of teenage boys’ dreams Tuesday night.

Since this is a full-service website, video after the jump.

Just a couple seconds into the interview, the producer in her earpiece alerts her that her breasts have jumped out on an odd man rush. After a quick glance at the monitor, she tries to casually cover herself with her hand. When that proves awkward, she tries pulling her blazer over her Stanley Cups. That also fails miserably.

Poor Lindsay. Breasts can be a girl’s best friend, but not in the sports media. It’s hard to be taken seriously when you’re known chiefly for one picture:

Lindsay Soto

There were rumors of a breast reduction, and she settled into a successful if quiet career at FSN West, while doing national work for NBC and Versus. But all her yeoman’s work is out the window, once this gets passed around.