Lil Wayne Drops Slick New Track For Kobe Bryant

The career arc of Lil Wayne is a curious one. He dropped out of school and got famous rapping before most young men get mustaches, at the young age of 14. Normally, fame at 14 equals unrivaled success followed by equally rapid descent, at which point the chemicals take over and it’s ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: TOTAL BURNOUT status at that point. But he’s only now getting to the highest point of his career thus far, 12 years later, with the meteoric success of Tha Carter III.

Lil Wayne Courtside
(Lil Wayne courtside at a Hornets game, astonished and frightened that some of the Hornets had grown over seven feet tall.)

Further, in interviews, he’s quite lucid and reasonable, nowhere near the self-promotional caricature most rappers become. Further, he’s an avid sports fan, winning an appearance on “Around The Horn” and debating with the insufferable contrarian Skip Bayless on “First and 10″ earlier this year. But the Lakers are a special love of his; to that end, his brand-new paean to Kobe Bryant, released just in time for the NBA Finals. You can give the song an EXCLUSIVE* listen right after the break. 

Not bad. Full of the same-word-rhymes like “practice while you sleep, practice in my sleep” that make Weezy unique; he’s one of about, oh, one who can do that and actually make it work.

As for the Finals themselves, as you’re no doubt aware, they tip off tonight with Orlando at L.A. If you’re in for some goose bumps, J.E. Skeets tweeted this picture of the trophy at center court of the Staples Center. Nice. And just so we’re all clear, the Lakers are taking this one in five games. You all know that, right? This might get ugly. And just like Shaq says he’s rooting for, Kobe’s going to get that fourth ring.

*Okay, not really exclusive at all.