Like A Pitiful Orphan, No One Wants The Redskins

LaVar Arrington hates Joe Gibbs
. Clinton Portis hates Jim Zorn. Everybody hates Dan Snyder. Yes, it’s a great time to be involved with the Washington Redskins, as a once-promising season goes down the drain and even local governments don’t want anything to do with the team.

Redskins Logo

Nearby Loudon County, Va., home of the Skins’ training camp and corporate offices, voted to have nothing further to do with the sinking ship. The Board of Supervisors voted against a sweeping partnership with the team that could have led to a Redskins Hall of Fame. For what seems like it might’ve been a pretty good tourist draw, Loudoun demurred over the matter of $100,000.

Supervisors voted 5 to 4 against the motion, which called for $100,000 of transient occupancy tax funds to be spent on a marketing partnership between the county and the Washington Redskins. Under the arrangement, the county would have been branded the “Corporate Home of the Washington Redskins” and its logo would have been posted on the team’s Web site.

If you’re into reading about transient occupancy tax funds, you can view the county’s coffers here. You’ll notice they had half a million in that fund that they couldn’t find anything to do with. So it’s not like money was the issue here?

“We’re talking about alcohol, sex and cigars,” said Supervisor Sally Kurtz (D-Catoctin), referring to some of the ads found on the team’s Web site. “I don’t know if I necessarily want our logo in that venue. Although I do love football.”

Oh, ok, that makes more sense. The issue was stupidity.