Lifesize Tiger Woods Made Entirely Of Condoms

Restaurant review site reports this week that a restaurant in Bangkok has been using an interesting marketing tool to get people to enter its establishment:

Tiger Woods statue made entirely of condoms

Here’s a new image of Tiger Woods. It’s made entirely of condoms, and the belt buckle says, “Let do it Tiger.” Play golf or what?

Next to Tiger is a condom-decorated Christmas tree, the perfect gift.

Insulting? Sarcastic? Not at all, if you understand the source.

Tiger, the Christmas tree, Santa Claus and condom cutouts where you put your head for a photo are part of a safe sex and birth control program sponsored by the Population and Community Development Association of Thailand.

The place to see them is Cabbages & Condoms, a restaurant founded by the PDA in Bangkok in 1986. The campaign is serious–and explicit. The light-hearted approach is a way to counteract embarrassment among conservative Thais. They like things to be “sanuk,” or fun and pleasant.

The restaurant is as serious as the campaign. The food is good, and the signature dish is what else but yam tung yang, or condom salad.

Tiger’s dad Earl left his first wife (and three kids) for Tiger’s Thai mother Kultida while serving in the military in Thailand.

Earl’s job in-country? Director of “recreational services” for the U.S. Army in Bangkok.