Letterman: "I had a miserable, horrible…

Letterman: "I had a miserable, horrible, horrible weekend. Listen to what happened. I was ratted out by Jose Canseco. … On ’60 Minutes’ he talks about all the players in baseball that he helped use steroids, and then he goes nuts and he injects steroids right into Andy Rooney’s eyebrows."

Letterman aired a skit this week about Jason Giambi’s reaction to Jose Canseco’s allegations of steroid use.

Voiceover: "In his new book, Jose Canseco claims that he, Mark McGwire and Jason Giambi used to sneak into bathroom stalls and inject each other with steroids. But Jason Giambi thinks it’s time America learned the truth. While he did occasionally join Canseco and McGwire in the men’s room stall, there were no steroids involved. It was strictly for the purpose of some innocent grab-ass. Jason Giambi: gay as a French horn."

Letterman also featured a regular segment called "More With Les," where Letterman talks to Viacom Chief Les Moonves.

Letterman to Moonves on the Super Bowl broadcast: "I saw their halftime show. Man was that dull. That was deadly dull."

Moonves: "They played it a little bit safer than we did a year earlier."

Letterman: "By the way, it was Les’ idea to use nudity in the Super Bowl halftime show last year. Genius idea, Les, and I hope we’re going to see more of that."

Moonves: "All I know is our halftime show rated a lot higher than Fox’ did."


SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY reports the top five searched athletes so far at NBCOlmypics.com are figure skater Sasha Cohen, Shaun White, Gretchen Bleiler, Apolo Anton Ohno and Michelle Kwan.

In the case of Cohen, it doesn’t hurt that she’s currently rocking the Christina Ricci pre-op look.