Letter to the Editor of the TAMPA TRIBUNE: …

Letter to the Editor of the TAMPA TRIBUNE:
"I can’t believe you didn’t lambaste the Indy 500 winner for draping himself in a British flag on Memorial Day.
"If it wasn’t for the U.S. servicemen who died in Europe, Dan Wheldon would be speaking German. The race officials and Andretti Green Racing should apologize for that The TOLEDO BLADE reports a jealous boyfriend killed his girlfriend (and then committed suicide) because she had earned fame as the founder of the Grady Sizemore fan club.

The coward’s myspace account includes a chilling survey called "Tell Me About Yourself".

One question asks, "How do you want to Die?" The murderous moron’s ironic response: "By saving someone’s life."

The survey also asks what are "Your Fears?" The killer’s answer: "Being Alone."

No kidding.

There’s also now a long list of condolent messages on the murder victim’s myspace page. Heartbreaking.