Less Range At Yankee Stad. Than Jeter? The Pope

The LONDON SUN has details on the Pope’s upcoming, much-anticipated visit to New York and DC. In addition to a visit with President Bush, Benedict XVI will say Mass at Yankee Stadium.

Pope Benedict Derek Jeter

The plan is to have the armor-plated, bulletproof Popemobile patrol the Yankee Stadium grounds thoughout the occasion. But thanks club’s concern over the field itself, the only man in Yankee Stadium with less range than Derek Jeter this Sunday will be the Pontiff himself.


THE Pope will visit a famous baseball ground on his US tour this week – but has been banned from taking the “Popemobile” on to the grass. Benedict XVI will celebrate mass for 60,000 at the Yankee Stadium in New York on Sunday, helped by 530 priests.

But organisers said the armour-plated car he uses on tours may only drive around the pitch – used by the New York Yankees team.

We hear the Pope plans to preach in his sermon against the scourge of pride, gluttony and jealousy while inside the ballpark.

We assume he’ll also cover matters outside of Curt Schilling and the Red Sox.