Leno: "There was more bad news for baseb…

Leno: "There was more bad news for baseball today. It turns out Pete Rose has been betting on whether or not Barry Bonds used steroids."

"Senator John McCain thinks that Congress might have to step in to control the use of steroids in sports, and baseball Commissioner Bud Selig agrees. Is this Congress’ number one priority now, baseball players? Did we win the war? Is that over? Is the global warming thing solved?"

"Experts say that steroid use can result in something called steroid rage which is very dangerous. It can cause baseball players to start acting like basketball players."

"Today it’s official. Five Indiana Pacers had arrest warrants filed against them for that brawl last month: five Pacers players, or as the Michigan State Penitentiary is calling them, the Dream Team."


ESPN’s ace football writer Len Pasquarelli provides NFL team payroll totals for the 2003 season - and it turns out that the combined record of the five highest-paid teams in league is worse than the record of the five lowest-paid squads:

· Top 5: 1) Saints - $85.8M (6-6)2) Redskins - $83.6M (4-8)3) Bucs - $81.2M (5-7)4) Vikings - $81M (7-5) 5) Cardinals - $81M (3-9) · Overall record: 25-35 · Bottom 5: 28) Dolphins - $63.8M (8-4)29 ) Steelers - $61.7M (4-8) 30) Jets - $60.4M (4-7, pending 12/1 game)31) 49ers - $56.5M (5-7) 32) Browns - $56M (4-8) · Overall record: 25-34 Pasquarelli notes the "disparity between the highest and lowest payroll in the league is $29.87M, about the norm."

Complete list of NFL Team payrolls.