Leno: "The NHL has canceled the entire …

Leno: "The NHL has canceled the entire season. Is that unbelievable? So if you want to see people on TV with bad teeth you’re just going to have to watch Prince Charles’ wedding."

"The NBA All-Star Game was yesterday. L.A. fans got a chance to vote for their favorite Laker. The bad news: it’s still Shaq."


MOROSE BOWL: Larry Stewart of the LOS ANGELES TIMES reports that portly former USC football star Anthony Davis will undergo gastric bypass surgery.

In a bizarre twist, Davis plans to have the surgery broadcast live on the internet - with former (?) fellow fatso Carnie Wilson hosting the proceedings. (l/p) When it comes to the habits of internet users, I guess that gives whole new meaning to the word "bypass." My guess is the only event that will have less viewers than Davis’ cybercast was his last game playing for something called the Southern California Sun.