Leno: "Rangers pitcher Frank ‘The Chair…

Leno: "Rangers pitcher Frank ‘The Chair’ Francisco got annoyed at the crowd and threw a chair into the stands that hit one guy in the head and broke a woman’s nose. He was immediately taken into custody and then booked on the Jerry Springer show."


Update by Steve Silver: NASCAR tends not to feature much violence, aside from the occasional crash- and it also tends to never draw my interest. But that all changed at the Sylvania 300 in New Hampshire on Sunday, when for one day NASCAR decided to re-enact the Auburn Hills melee. It all started when Kyle Busch collided with Kasey Kahne on the race’s 165th lap. After Busch came around the track again, Kahne drove back over to Busch and slammed into him in retaliation. Later, in an unrelated incident, Michael Waltrip collided with Robby Gordon- after which Gordon proceeded to stop his car and then back into Waltrip. Then, adding insult to injury, Gordon walked across the track and threw his helmet at Waltrip’s car. The drivers later traded insults in post-race interviews, with Gordon calling Waltrip a “piece of [expletive].” And once again illustrating NASCAR’s questionable level of prudery, Gordon was fined $35,000 and docked 25 points in driver standings- not only for the collision and helmet toss, but also for cursing on live television.
Gordon then offered to sell the thrown helmet on Ebay and donate the proceeds to hurricane relief- but the auction was pulled after bids exceeded $10 million. Ebay executives were “unable to verify the legitimacy of the bids.”