Leno: "Kobe Bryant of the Lakers is pro…

Leno: "Kobe Bryant of the Lakers is promising to donate $1,000 for each point he scored in a game this week for tsunami victims, and he’s going to donate another $1,000 every time he scores with a girl from room service.

"After scoring a touchdown in a playoff game against Green Bay, Vikings receiver Randy Moss mimed pulling down his pants and mooned the crowd, and I thought, ‘That’s why they call it the end zone.’ A lot of people are very upset about this, except for Fox because that’s the most tasteful thing they’ve done in years.

"The fittest city in the United States is Seattle. The fattest city is Houston. … In fact, their baseball team is now known as the ‘Big Astros.’;"

For Serena fans Down Under, the weight is over:

The ADELAIDE ADVERTISER reports on Serena Williams’ arrival in Oz, as she gets primed (rib?) for the Australian Open: "The bootylicious former world No.1 took to her practice session in tight, white, three-quarter length leggings, hiding nothing from the happy labourers who watched agog." If Serena somehow ends up winning the tournament, I’ve now got the theme music for the highlight DVD (notice where the CD was appropriately produced).