Leno: "Full moon this week, so that pro…

Leno: "Full moon this week, so that probably explains Mike Tyson. Tyson said (his new face tattoo) is a symbol. Yeah, I think it’s a symbol his medication is not working. This Tyson fight Saturday night is also going to be a big hip-hop event on pay-per-view. Not only is Jay Z doing a rap concert, but Mike Tyson will be fighting under his rap name, Prozac Daddy.

"Tonya Harding is fighting on the undercard. She’s making her debut. She’s using her rap name, Run DUI. Harding will fight for the vacant WTBA title. That’s the White Trash Boxing Association."


AMERICAN BADASS: Forget about Chyna and the steroid-bloated WWE "Divas," here’s a real female wrestler who has all the earmarks of a serious badass.

If this isn’t a reason to revive American Gladiators, so we can see her spar with Zap and the rest of the enyzme-engorged gang, plus further savor and appreciate the mad *hosting* skills of Joe Theismann, Mike Adamle and Larry Csonka, I don’t know what is.