LenDale White Not Charged In V-Day Belt Beating

LenDale White’s belt was accused doing triple duty after a man alleged the Titans RB beat him with it on Valentine’s Day. (It was already doing double duty just holding up his pants. See, LenDale’s fat, is the joke here. It’s kind of the theme of this post.)

Lendale White

(Lendale and “Lunch”)

But Denver police have decided not to charge White with aggravated assault after reviewing the incident, in which White allegedly struck the man repeatedly with his belt during an altercation over a minor car accident. “The reason the case got dismissed is the evidence contradicts the statements,” an investigator said. I’m guessing the evidence is that had he removed his belt, White’s pants couldn’t have handled the strain on their own.

I know we live in a country where you’re innocent until proven guilty, but when charges come out that an NFL star whups a man with a belt, is it too much to ask to hear about it sooner than 10 days later?

According to a police document where an aggravated assault offense was reviewed, the incident took place on Feb. 14 in Denver when White and other parties were involved in a verbal altercation after a minor vehicle accident. White then allegedly struck Leslie Joe Hoch, a white male.

“The verbal argument turned physical and (White) began striking and shoving the victim,’’ the offense report said.

According to the report, White, listed as an unknown suspect, “began striking the victim with a belt and belt buckle’’ before the parties got in their vehicle and fled. Hoch required hospitalization for lacerations, the offense report stated.

The NFL and the Titans were both aware of the incident, and White cooperated fully with police. Good thing, too. While Brett Favre may not be able to live without football, LenDale White can’t live without the post-practice buffet.

And if you think I’m just being mean, then tell me why God put a Jenny Craig ad on this article?

Lendale White