Leinart Pays $15000 Per Month In Child Support To Brynn Cameron

LEINART WILL PAY $15,000 PER MONTH IN CHILD SUPPORT: TMZ reports today that Matt Leinart and his Baby Momma, Brynn Cameron, have settled on child support payments.


Leinart will pay Cameron $15,000 per month to care for their “Superbaby” son Cole. The amount is half of what she initially demanded.

Matt Leinat

$15K every thirty days? That works out to $180,000 per year, which is about what Leinart, armed with a $51M NFL contract, spends on his annual birthday party security detail (and blackbery mojitos for Nick and Wilmer Valderrama).

Matt Leinart

On August 13 the two will be in court as Leinart tries to secure more visitation time with the infant.

*UPDATE*: Scott Wolf of the L.A. DAILY NEWS reports the TMZ report is bogus.