Leinart Only Prepares Properly For Games When Forced By Coaches And Teammates

CARDS COACH - LEINART PREP FOR GAMES WAS LACKING: The ARIZONA REPUBLIC reports something this week we’ve all known for some time: That Matt Leinart doesn’t give a damn about football and isn’t willing to make a full-time commit to his real job.

Matt Leinart

The Republic reports that after Leinart’s miserable performance on Week 1 in a Cardinals loss, Arizona Coach Ken Whisenhunt told Matt Leinart that he wasnn’t working hard enough to prepare for games: “There may have been a little bit of a nudge, yes. I don’t think he wouldn’t have done it himself, but it was maybe a mutual thing.

Cardinals running back Edgerrin James also indicated that Leinart’s prep routine wasn’t up to par, and that he was taking it upon himself to make sure #7 showed up early and stayed late: “I won’t let him breathe or give him a chance to slack off. I’ll be in his ear constantly, regardless of how he takes it. I really don’t care how somebody takes something. This is what we got to have.

Matt Leinart

The result? Last Sunday, the Sunset Strip-slut-stalker lit up Seattle for 299 yards passing in a victory over the Seahawks.

Leinart: “I put in time this week to really understand our offense and know where every one is on every play.

Matt Leinart

Great, so we’re assuming he didn’t do that during Week 1 and only worked hard when he had a gun placed to his head by coaches and teammates. Now that’s what we call a leader!