Lee, Rock, Sharpton Show Their Support For Isiah

The NEW YORK TIMES notes that not everyone wants Isiah Thomas kicked from the Knicks:

Al Sharpton Spike Lee Chris Rock

During New York’s latest loss to the Lakers, Spike Lee, Chris Rock, and Al Sharpton all spoke of their support for the scandalized coach.

Lee wants the team to Do The Right Thing and hold on to Thomas: “I don’t think Isiah should be fired. Not now.”

Meanwhile, Rock doesn’t want Knicks owner James Dolan to play Scrooge: “I’m not calling for anybody to lose their job, especially around Christmas.”

(Tell that to Scott Skiles.)

And Sharpton made this comparison: “Let me ask you this: The Secretary General of the U.N. was sitting near me. Do we fire him because we don’t have world peace? I mean, come on.”

Al Sharpton mic point

Besides, if the Knicks do ice Isiah, we’re sure the good reverend will hold rallies and call for boycotts. He’s gotta stay in the public eye, you know.

Despite the on-and-off-court-woes, the Times points out that the Knicks are still the NBA’s most valuable franchise, worth over $600 million. Even though the team hasn’t had a winning season since 2000-01, the Knickerbockers still managed to take in almost $200 million in revenues last year.

Knicks fans protest

While the Knicks’ struggles may be upsetting the fans, it’s not keeping them from Madison Square Garden.

One fan had railed, “When a team is not performing well in a market as big as New York, it’s unacceptable.” But when asked if he would stop going to the games, he quickly answered, “No, absolutely not.”

Seems like the Knicks have adopted the Cubs’ business model.