LeBron Wants To Meet Court-Rushing Fan Again

Last week, Anthony Erskine jumped on the Madison Square Garden court to meet his hero, LeBron James. But instead of being freaked out, King James enjoyed the unexpected encounter. In fact, the Cavaliers star supposedly wants to meet with the fan again.

Anthony Erskine LeBron James

The AKRON (OH) BEACON JOURNAL reports that Erskine has been talking with LeBron’s people, and the 17-year-old may end up as James’ special guest when the Cavs visit the Nets on Wednesday.

LeBron had earlier stated how he “respects” Erskine for rushing the court and telling him how he’s his favorite player, calling the court invasion “the most unbelievable thing that ever happened to me.”

We’re sure MSG security couldn’t believe it either. And NBA officials likely can’t believe what their hearing now, considering what they had to deal with the last time fans interacted with players.

Such a positive reaction by James to the unscheduled visit might encourage other sports fans to risk a romp onto the court or field, just to meet their heroes - or worse, their perceived villains.

Just ask Tom Gamboa. Or Monica Seles. Or even Bobby Howry.