LeBron Vogue Cover Falls Flat On Newsstands

Remember when LeBron James appeared on the cover of VOGUE for the magazine’s April issue with Gisele Bundchen? There was a bit of a to-do over that particular shoot, with many observers complaining that the cover was less than flattering due to racial and “King Kong”-like imagery.

LeBron and Gisele on Vogue

Well, as the BOSTON HERALD tells us, apparently all the hubbub didn’t mean a thing for VOGUE’s sales of the April issue.

A mere 350,000 copies moved on newsstands, down from Vogue’s usual 425,000, making it the worst-selling April issue since 2001, according to ABC Rapid Report.

Guess not all press is good press — or at least enough press to make people buy a fashion rag off the rack. The Annie Leibovitz-shot cover was done, in the words of magazine spokespeople, in order to evoke images of and celebrate “two superstars at the top of their game.” Two superstars at the top of their game weren’t enough to up the magazine’s game, as only an issue featuring Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover the next month fared worse.

Clearly, editor Anna Wintour is in a bit of a slump here — given her track record, she’ll likely be able to shoot her way out of this one.