Knoxville’s Newest Trim Is Bruce Pearl’s Ex-Wife

• The ex-wife of Bruce Pearl puts her alimony money to amusing use.

Kim Shrigley Bruce Pearl Alimony'

LeBron James receives a Madison Square Garden reception fit for a king.

Brian Urlacher dresses his kid in pink diapers & blue nail polish.

• Giants kicker wants the President to pardon his pot-peddling brother.

• Can’t wait for SI’s big Super Bowl bash? Um, we have some bad news.

• Why did Terelle Pyror pass on Notre Dame? Ask Charlie Weis - and maybe he’ll let you take a pic of his Super Bowl ring.

• The creators of the Whizzinator will now have to take care of their personal business in the prison potty.

• An ex-NBAer is making sure his foes in his Croatian basketball league are having a bloody good time.

• And the winner of today’s Nashed-up caption contest is…

Steve Nash

CLEVELAND BROWN, with this Fred Sanford-inspired suggestion:

Oh, this this big one! You hear that, Elizabeth? I’m coming to join ya, honey!

Hope everyone has a safe & enjoyable Thanksgiving. And remember not to be so stingy with the stuffing or crabby with the cranberries.