LeBron Official Site: ‘You’ll Be The First To Know’

The strangely public meetings between LeBron James and six NBA teams vying for his services are over. For those of us not in the business of promoting what looks more like a marketing ploy than a serious, fact-finding mission, James’ decision on where he will land can’t come quick enough.

LeBron James New Website To Announcement His Intentions

(Clevelanders? You’ll find out after dude in Malaysia who just signed up!) 

Thankfully, it appears James’ choice will come sooner than later, at least if his newly-relaunched official website is any indication. The site, which had been down recently after a partnership between James and Microsoft went sour, was relaunched last month.

At the moment the site is a home page with nothing more than an email address and phone number solicitation. But after you input that information, the site produces a message that says, “You’ll be the first to know,” followed by James’ signature.

In addition to that, a Cleveland blog site that features post from the official DJ for the Cleveland Cavaliers home games and personal DJ for James, DJ Steph Floss, Tweeted Saturday that James planned to announce his intentions on LeBronJames.com.

Regardless, I feel for the city of Cleveland, the way James is dragging this out in public. Though I have no doubt that James will remain a Cavalier and that the entire process was for publicity’s sake only.

If this website scheme isn’t an indication of that, nothing is.