LeBron Snatches Gisele From Brady’s Clutches

Maybe that headline is a tad, well, misleading. But LeBron does look rather menacing on the cover of VOGUE with the Super Bowl loser’s sweetheart, the lovely Ms. Bundchen. You agree?

LeBron James

Gisele discusses LeBron’s body size in the story, apparently. Um, Tom, worried yet?

“Bundchen wasn’t intimated by James’ frame. ‘He doesn’t really make you feel small, even though he is big,’ she says in the magazine. ‘I think my leg is like the size of his shoe.’”

Hmm, yes, I’m intrigued. Tom, how you doing? Any response to the big/small talk? Nothing? What if I told you that LeBron has likely seen your girlfriend naked and you without your shirt on?

Tom Brady Gisele Bundchen

Isn’t it kind of weird that in an issue featuring “top models and star athletes,” Gisele was paired with someone other than Brady? Not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.