LeBron Adds 59-Year-Old Footballer to Rep Group

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports LeBron James has found some new blood to represent - a 59-year-old college football player:

LeBron James Mike Flynt kids

The Cavs star’s management firm, LRMR, has signed Mike Flynt to their group, hoping to grab some goods & services for their gridiron grandpa.

Flynt made news this season by completing his collegiate career at Sul Ross State University - 36 years after leaving campus. Learning he had one year of eligibility left, Flynt stepped back on the field for the first time since 1971. And it wasn’t as a reserve kicker - Flynt filled his role at linebacker.

Mike Flynt old football player

LeBron was impressed enough with Flynt’s story to bring him on board his team: “He didn’t allow anyone to take away the dream he had, no matter how old he was or what he went through….that’s a great story. He never gave up on his dream.”

The agency has plans to turn Flynt’s daring into dollar signs, from selling fitness products to signing movie & TV deals.

And Flynt seems ready for a new challenge: “I’m so excited about being involved with these young guys. It’s like being with the teammates I just left.”