LeBron Misses Shots, Heckled At Ohio Theme Park

Monday Lebron James and his baby mama, “sidekickSavannah Brinson, were spotted at the Cleveland-area amusement park Cedar Point. (Sandusky, OH)

LeBron James Booed At Amusement Park

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While at the park, James made a grave miscalculation.

LeBron James misses free throws booed at amusement park

In front of dozens of parkgoers, James decided to take his talents to Cedar Point’s basketball shooting games.

Here he bricks a couple shots and is heckled by onlookers (video angle corrected after :21):

It gets worse.

James then proceeded to lose to a teenage boy at the park’s “Three Point Shootout” game - and it wasn’t close:

How embarrassing.

Thank goodness Arash Markazi wasn’t shooting these videos, or they never would’ve seen the light of day!