LeBron James To Win MVP, And a Brand New Kia?

According to the CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER, LeBron James is going to be handed the NBA’s MVP trophy this afternoon, his reward for a season so dominant the Cavs ran away with the league’s best record, despite being a two-man show. In fact, he won the award so easily that James picked the venue to receive the award himself, choosing his high school gym at Akron’s St. Vincent-St. Mary’s to have the trophy handed over to him.

lebron james car

(Yes, that’s LeBron, but that’s not a Kia. And it probably wasn’t free, either.)

But buried in the story about LeBron’s dominance is this graph from PLAIN DEALER writer Brian Windhorst:

All his Cavs teammates are expected to be there as well as representatives from Kia, which will give him a new car as part of the honor.

Wait a minute, Kia gives MVPs a free car? Is there any chance that an NBA MVP will actually drive a Kia? Any chance? How big a waste is that!

Seriously, we can’t think of another promotion that’s less relevant than tying Kia into the NBA MVP presentation. No MVP would dare drive a Kia anywhere. For crying out loud, just look at the more audacious entries into LeBron’s car collection alone, from the 2007 Cleveland auto show (yes, that black car is a Rolls Royce phantom):

In fact, there’s only one way in which James could use the free wheels to his advantage: By donating them to his alma mater. Tom Brady did exactly that after winning his second Super Bowl MVP (and the requisite free Cadillac that goes with it), and he got some good suck-up press as a result.

James is exactly the type of player who might do just that, particularly given his affect for SVSM. Think about it: He’s having the MVP ceremony at the school, so he could easily just announce that he’s  handing the car over to school officials … or that he plans to auction it for that cause (or another, for that matter. We’re not going to give James philanthropic advice, so long as he gives the car away). As you can see in the video below from last year’s MVP presentation with Kobe Bryant, the car won’t be in attendance, but Kia officials will. Handing over the keys to the school would be pretty simple.

The only thing that could really sour the event is if James holds on to the car, since the odds of him rolling up in a Kia Sephia — even to practice — are slim to none. Only Tim Duncan would be frugal enough to wish he’d gotten in on the free Kia action when he was in his MVP hey day.