Lebron James Pulled Over For 101 MPH; That’s It?

Lebron James hometown newspaper, the CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER, reports, via the ASSOCIATED PRESS, that James “was ticketed by the State Highway Patrol for reportedly driving 101 mph on Interstate 71 near Medina. The Cavaliers star was cited in a 65 mph zone at 2:43 a.m. on Dec. 30 - his 23rd birthday.

Lebron James Billboard

Cleveland attorney Colin Jennings filed a not guilty plea for James on Tuesday in Medina Municipal Court. A hearing is scheduled for Feb. 11, the same day the Cavaliers are scheduled to play in Orlando, Fla., against the Magic.

More interestingly, the AP notes that “Other details about the traffic stop were not available.

So this happened over two weeks ago and no details are available? On a 101 MPH traffic stop? If they aren’t now, they probably won’t be in the future (we’re not suggesting there’s more to the story) . Especially considering James’ attorney is fighting the charge. If he thought any unseemly details were to come out of a legal affair, he certainly wouldn’t be going to court.

But how can the Cleveland media not have reported this for over two weeks? And they still technically haven’t. If it wasn’t for the Associated Press, we might never have known this happened. Lebron James is obviously the only biggest celebrity in Cleveland. If the mayor had been pulled over for going 101 MPH, do you think the local media would’ve reported that?