LeBron James Loves Himself Some Barry Manilow

In my opinion, one of the greatest inventions of all time has been the iPod.  As someone who is a fan of so many types of music it was nice to finally have a device where I could store every single song on every single CD I owned at the time.  No longer would I have to carry around a book full of CDs and a CD player, I only needed that wonderful little rectangle to carry in my pocket to access any song I felt like hearing.

iPods are also a wonderfully easy way to get to know a person because you only have to take a look at the artists they have on there to get a feel for what they’re like.  If a person only carries music of a certain genre on theirs, you already know that they’re rather closed-minded and stubborn in their ways.   If that person has everything from Jay-Z to Barry Manilow on their playlist, well then you know you’re dealing with LeBron James.


A big fan of all styles of music, Cleveland’s superstar always gets ready for games by listening to hip hop. On Thursday before facing the Denver Nuggets, James walked into the Cavaliers’ locker room wearing headphones and bouncing as a track by rap star, Jay-Z, one of his good friends, blared in his ears.

James was then informed that Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony, his longtime friend and U.S. Olympic teammate, admitted last year that he had Barry Manilow’s music on his iPod.

“I probably got a little of that,” James said. “I bet you I can find it on my iPod.”

LeBron then scrolled through the list of artists on his iPod while reporters surrounded him with baited breath before he finally unleashed the fury upon them.

“Nope,” James said. “No Brian Manilow.”

As the room broke up in laughter, James corrected his error.

“Oh, Barry Manilow,” he said, smiling. “I was talking about his cousin.”

James then continued his search, and sure enough, he came up with some Barry Manilow tunes, showing “Copacabana,” “Mandy” and “I Am Your Child” on his varied playlist.

Okay, I was going to cut LeBron some slack if he had like one Manilow song on his iPod.  “Copacabana” is a pretty well known song, and maybe LeBron had a grandma who was a huge fan and he had it on there as a tribute to her.  But to have three?   That’s just…that’s just….wow.  Also, what do you think Carmelo would take more heat for back home in Baltimore for?  Snitching or admitting he listens to Manilow?

Of course, it’s not like I’m completely innocent here as I have Vanilla Ice on my iPod, but it’s more for nostalgic reasons than anything else.  I never listen to it more than four times a day.