Police Chief: LeBron Hires More Off-Duty Officers

As Cleveland braces for Lebron James‘ decision today, the CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER reports that James has recently increased security at his Bath Township, Ohio, mansion outside Cleveland.

Lebron James Mansion

Bath Township Police Chief Michael McNeely said,  “He has hired our officers to work off-duty at his property,. There has always been an officer there, inside the gate. He has increased the number of officers working there in the past week.

If James knew he was staying in Cleveland, why did he recently hire more cops to guard his estate?

The Plain Dealer also noted:

McNeeley said he has a plan in place in case hundreds of people show up that would include calling in aid from surrounding police departments. The Bath force has 20 officers.

“We’re hoping we won’t need it,” he said.

Based on comments from longtime Plain Dealer Cavaliers beat reporter Brian Windhorst, who is from Akron and has known James for 10 years, McNeely might.

Appearing on ESPN Radio in Cleveland today, Windhorst predicted local reaction if James does abandon his hometown team:

The nuclear bomb is about to hit. There will be massive fallout here and LeBron will be radioactive for years. If LeBron has already left his house, I assume he has, I hope he’s packed for a good long time. Because he can’t come back.

It’s a nuclear bomb and LeBron’s going to be radioactive here for as long as a radioactive bomb is … 50 years, whatever the case may be.

James’ choreographed lack of transparency with Clevelanders makes you wonder how much relief they’ll actually feel if he ends up remaining with the Cavs.