LeBron Booked NY Trip For Reality Show Wedding

It appears that we may now know the reason LeBron James reportedly will announce his future NBA plans at a location only 13 miles from Manhattan. (Greenwich, CT.)

LeBron will attend Carmelo Anthony's Wedding Saturday in New York City

James previously committed to attending the upcoming wedding of Carmelo Anthony and longtime girlfriend Lala Vazquez - with the ceremony held in New York City on July 10. (This Saturday.)

Also scheduled to attend are Kim Kardashian, Reggie Bush, Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom, Kobe and Vanessa Bryant, Ciara and Michael Jordan.

In what is surely a complete coincidence, Carmelo and LaLa’s wedding will be filmed by VH-1 as part of a reality show devoted to their nuptials.

That’s almost as coincidental as James’ ESPN-branded decision show, which features sponsorship from the University of Phoenix, Bing.com, Vitaminwater, McDonald’s, Nike and Sprite. (Wow, that was fast!)

Which is almost as coincidental as James recently relaunching his new website and soliciting user emails and mobile phone numbers with the promise that those who give out their private info will be the “first to know. (Whoops!)

And have I told you about James launching a new Twitter account this week which, thanks to the recent publicity, will garner him hundreds of thousands of followers in mere days?

Coincidence. All of it.