LeBron And Girlfriend Expecting Child Number 3?

When we wondered yesterday if LeBron James would soon enter the world of professional sex-having, one thing we neglected to mention that with two children already to his name, he’s probably pretty good at it. At the very least, he’s got practice.

Lebron and Savannah Brinson
(LeBron and his lady, doing something other than babymaking.)

As it turns out, it may be time to start expecting another young one to the mix. According to FAMECRAWLER, LeBron and longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson are going for number three. Isn’t that a shame? Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett’s lovechild doesn’t even get a full day in the spotlight. The blog’s source made the announcement in, like, Us Weekly-speak, so hold your nose if you’re not into that sort of thing: 

According to a credible source, Savannah Brinson, the girlfriend of NBA player Lebron James, is pregnant with the couple’s third child. For some months now, Savannah has been rumored to be pregnant; however, yesterday, BCK received news that may put the rumors to rest. Well, according to the afore-mentioned source, Savannah is indeed pregnant and “is walking around Cleveland looking prego!”

“Prego?” Really? Whatever.

As mentioned before, LeBron and Brinson aren’t married or anything, so technically, it’s a child out of wedlock. But at the same time, this doesn’t appear to be anything that’s necessarily unplanned or untoward; the couple already has two children. So yes, out of wedlock, but not out of commitment. You follow? Good.

In related news, the Los Angeles Clippers have contacted Brinson’s OB/GYN (who is acting as the fetus’ de facto agent as it’s being carried to term) about drafting the unborn child with the number one pick in next month’s draft. Negotiations are ongoing.